About Us

Jack Armstrong President of QR World Inc and QrpetsWhen you look at qrpetstore.com you may get the impression that this is a business whose mission is to sell high-quality leather products to dogs. That is true today. We have great products that are made in the USA by people who really care about the dogs that will wear and use these products. The founder of the company, Jack Armstrong, has bigger plans for where this company is going. Over the last 20 years, he was involved in the healthcare market. There he owned and operated several businesses. He designed equipment and furniture for physically challenged people and Seniors. It was a rewarding life.  In 2008 when the market crashed, everything changed. He lost his businesses and most of his financial security. Over the years since then, he made a decision to change the course of his life by using his talent to create and develop in the pet industry. Qrpets was born!

Jack and Sky ArmstrongSo in January of 2018, Jack and his wife Sky left the secure corporate world of salaries and expense accounts for the uncertain and exciting future of entrepreneurs. Together they are dreaming big and planning to take over the world for the benefit of animals and the people who care for them.                                                                                                     Our Mission                     Jack Armstrong founded Qrpets in 2011, with a trademark approved on October 11th,  2011. The name comes from the QR Code that at the time was just beginning to gain acceptance. It was Jack’s desire to use the code to identify animals in a manner that could be used internationally; which QR codes are. It was this use that prompted the creation of the qrpets slogan- We are speaking an international language” which has the dual meaning of the international acceptance and use of QR Codes, and the international language of love and kindness showed by animals to each other and to humans.


By channeling animals inherent unconditional love, Jack created the operational mantra of qrpets, which is no politics, no religion, and no judgment. Those are human endeavors that do not exist in the animal world. Qrpets employees and associates strive to keep these human thoughts out of their daily expressions and interactions with other humans on behalf of the company. Of course in their personal lives, humans will be humans.


Our mission is to develop, promote and distribute ideas; products and services that help animals live productive healthy lives. This mission is primarily focused on all animals that are cared for by humans.


So it should be known that qrpets is in its infancy with many exciting developments to follow in the years to come. What we are today will pale in comparison to where we are going and the animals and humans that we will reach with our groundbreaking ideas, inventions, products and services for the animals we care for.